Our boards are built using state-of-the-art machinery and top quality materials. A highly qualified and experienced team works daily to turn WANTED Shapes into a reference for light, responsive and durable boards, offering the best quality/price ratio in the market.



AKU Shaper is the only CNC system made exclusively for shaping surfboards. AKU cutter reverses direction for each side of the board (up to 140˚ around blank) providing extremely accurate and symmetrical rail cut. With an Aku Shaper Machine on site, we cut all our boards in the machine with close-to-zero operating errors and close-to-finished pre-shape delivery. All boards are replicated from its original model shape with maximum precision.



We use first quality foam blanks from Teccel (PU) and Bennet (EPS). We’re supplied with a wide range of sizes, weights, stringers and rockers in order to build homogeneous and durable boards.

PU Stringer (Polyurethane): a shaped polyurethane blank with a plywood stringer traditionally glassed using polyester resin. Most of our boards are built using this foam. It is great for everyday use and has performance in all types of conditions, wave sizes and levels of surfer.

EPS (Expanded Polystryene): a shaped, stringerless expanded polystryene blank traditionally glassed using epoxy resin. It is typically the lightest of all the foams used in surfboard construction resulting in a much lighter board, translating into increased buoyancy and floatation. This will add paddling speed and increased manoeuvrability allowing you to ride a smaller board. EPS foam is also known for its great durability. Overall it makes a stronger, longer-lasting, better flexing board. We recommend EPS technology with our small wave models for a very light and fun time in poor surf conditions.




Aerialite fiber is quality crafted in the USA by BGF Industries. It is non-toxic, clear, strong, easy to use and really white. A fiberglass you can rely on, we use Aerialite in all our boards to get excellence in resistance and durability.

Biaxial fiber provides higher strength to weight ratio. It also tons down the “chatter feeling” some boards tend to have at high speed. For stronger boards that feel fast and responsive under your feet.

Silmar Resin is a standard reference in the board manufacturing industry. Shining, consistent and UV resistant.

Carbon add-ons (patches and stripes) are meant to strengthen specific areas of the board most affected by foot pressure and impact (usually the stringer and the tail). Traditionally added in the fiberglass step, this material prevents severe deterioration and increases durability. Mos of our boards include tail patches because the tail area is the first place to give out on your surfboard. This is due to the fact that your toes and heals really dig in when surfing.



We use the most popular fin systems in the world: FCSII and FUTURES.

FCS has one of the most diverse fin collections in the market. In September 2013 the brand introduced FCSII, a new pre-glass injection molded fin system. The fins simply lock into the plugs without the need for any screws or tool to attach or secure them. Also, the leading edge of the fin resides inside the plug, and the base of the fins sit flush to the surface of the board creating a more seamless connection. The injection molded fins are designed to break off in the event of collision to minimize board damage and injury to the surfer.

FUTURES Fins are known as one of the most user friendly and strongest removable fin system available in the market. With performance similar to glass-on fins, Futures Fins offer plugs customizable colors.