Luís Carvalho “Lacrau”

Luís became interested in shaping unusually early in his life. He manufactured his first board inside his garage at the age of 14 and paved his way through the Portuguese shaping scene ever since, having worked for brands such as Star Model and Polen and collaborated with foam masters such as Darren Handley, Bill Stewart and Peter Battaglin. At DHD Surfboards, he got hundreds of boards passing through his hands, finishing shapes for surfers such as 2016 World Tour rookie Jack Freestone. Meticulous and creative, Lacrau developed a pioneering board flexibility system (7-flex) and got his name on the first made-of-cork surfboard to be tested by Garrett McNamara in the Nazaré Canyon. By living and working close to Parede beach, the Mecca of stand-up paddle in Portugal, he acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to join the WANTED shaping team, taking on the designing and shaping of the SUP boards since the very begining. WANTED surfboards, kitesurfboards and wakesurfboards also have his name on it.



Lino Curado

You cannot tell the European history of skimboarding without mentioning Lino. He took about every trophy he could as a rider, winning several Portuguese and European titles. As a shaper, he worked for Folha Skimboards before founding a brand of his own, Glass Skimboards, introducing and developing new board-building technologies along the way. As Rskimboards’ frontman since 2011, Lino continued to pave his path as a revolutionary board builder by implementing new methods and materials, especially the pioneering technique called Flowtech® (patent pending), an invention of his own meant to create bottom irregularities in order to reduce friction and increase board speed. Lino will be in charge of expanding these new technologies to the entire range of WANTED models, while having his hands on the production of the SUP, kitesurf and wakesurf equipment as well.