Luís Carvalho “Lacrau”

Luís became interested in shaping unusually early in his life. He manufactured his first board in his garage at the age of 14 and has paved his way through the Portuguese shaping scene ever since, having worked for brands such as Star Model and Polen and collaborated with foam masters such as Darren Handley, Bill Stewart and Pedro Battaglin. At DHD Surfboards, he got hundreds of boards passing through his hands, finishing shapes for surfers such as ex-WCTer Jack Freestone.

Being an industrial designer, creating and crafting with his hands always came natural. With a rigorous mind and inventive spirit, Luis is naturally driven to innovation and testing new concepts and technologies, having developed a pioneering flexing system for surfboards: the 7-Flex. He also designed, shaped and manufactured the first made-of-cork surfboard to be tested by Garrett McNamara in the Nazaré Canyon as well as the kitesurfboard with which Francisco Lufinha set the world record for the longest non-stop kitesurf crossing (Lisbon-Madeira).

At the present time, Luis is a resident shaper at Xhapeland where he back-shapes for brands such as Rusty, JR and Simon Andersen whilst developing and supervising all WANTED Shapes production.