Half way between a surfboard and a skimboard stands the Supa Soap model, the ultimate summer board. Featuring a Flowtech bottom, this EPS board will make you rethink your notion of speed in the water.


Thanks to its vacuum glassing construction, Supa Soap is lighter, tighter and faster than any other board in the market. Flowtech bottom gives this model unbelievable projection while allowing you to maintain control over the maneuvers, resulting in a unique board that will make you reach the same amounts of speed only reserved to the shorebreak tribe – until now.


Not only this but you can also turn Supa Soap into a skimboard and ride the shorebreak as an extra delight. Thanks to its small dimensions and versatile shape, Supa Soap is a hybrid board with shorebreak tested performance. All you gotta do is take the fins out and get ready for some more fun.


The ideal board to carry around in the car and be always ready to surf that unexpected summer swell or shorebreak wave. Up until 4 feet this board will blow your mind. Be ready to get surfed out – there is no such thing as unrideable conditions with Supa Soap under your feet!


“For surfers who want to try new feelings in the ocean, this is the right board. Although it may feel a bit strange at first, once you get used to it you won’t be riding any other board in small surf!” Ruben Gonzalez, test rider




# Design André Várzea Dorropio

# Shape and construction Lino Curado

# Board Type skurf

# Fin setup 2 fin plugs Futures

# Tail square

# Rail fullboxy

# Bottom single concave w/ flowtech

# Materials EPS, epoxy

# Price 399,00€ (from)




Avatar – wing swallow tail | low rails | 2 fin plugs

Retro – diamond tail | medium boxy rails | 1 fin plug



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